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Kyvernitis - Main Section

Kyvernitis - Main Component

Kado 20

Type of load: for lightweight merchandise and for heavy merchandise
Especially suited to the following sectors:
  • Fashion Classic/Casual/Young
  • Children's Fashion
  • Shoes
  • Accessoires
  • Sports & Leisure (Fashion)
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home Stores

Kado 20 is a structural system for cubes, shelves, tables, plinths and gondolas. It consists of square tubes (20 x 20 mm) and different corner connectors which are assembled into structures. Twisting the square tubes by 45° produces a firm connection. Cross connectors are used to give stability to larger structures. All shelves and structures can be dismantled and/or modified.

Due to the system’s versatility, we can assist you in the configuration of the Kado structures you require. For this we need you to send us a sketch of the required structure along with the following information:

- required dimensions of the structure
- information regarding the need for shelf supports for wooden or glass shelves
- surface finish required: chrome, silk or pearl
- whether it is destined for use without glides, with glides or rollers.

We will then configure the components for the structure you require. Just contact us.

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